Alison shoots doe 2015
Alison got her youth doe from 695 yards.

Becky Doe 2014
We don't always shot deer at long range. Although Derek was going to scare this one farther out but he knew better. So shot at 250 yards with 6.5wsm Custom built by us at Betz's Gunworks.

Troy age 14 Youth buck shot at 760 yards
Troy age 14 youth buck shot with his custom 6.5wsm built here at Betz's Gunworks.

Danielle first buck 525 yards
Danielle had her first buck tag and she shot her buck at 525 yards with a 6.5wsm custom built by Betz's Gunworks.

10 yr old shooting exploding target

2 1/2 lb Exploding Target vs. Oven

13 year old shoots deer at 710 yards

Derek doe 2013 548 yard shot - Custom 338 Lapua

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